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spreader light wiring?

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  • spreader light wiring?

    Can someone remind me how the blue/black spreader light wires come from the exit hole in the tower ring that secures the upper console box in order to enter the console? Do the go down the side of the console and in the limber holes or is a hole drilled in the console box?

    Likewise - are the port and starboard wires butt spliced together and into a single lead going to the upper fuse box?

    We cut them last spring before shipping the boat south and with a new upper console box the other end of the clipped wires (my bread crumbs..) are gone!

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    in my 1999 28 the spreader lights are spliced iton one set of wires in the tower control box and then run from there down the plastic tubing into the electronics box and then through the starbord sid of the tower and come down on the starbord gunnel