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  • Trim Tab Fluid

    I was wondering if someone could tell me where the trim tab reservoir is located and what type of fluid it takes. I noticed one of my trim tabs is seeping fluid and I may need to replace it. However, I am not sure where the reservoir is located. I would appreciate the assistance.
    2003 28 Carolina Classic
    Twin 300 Volvo's

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    depending on your boat , mine is located forward under the starboard fish box , remove box and look to forward . the plastic housing cracked on mine and i replaced the entire motor . call the manufacturer and they will ship to you , pretty easy . could be your trim tab exterior hoses or lifts .
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      Automatic Transmission Fluid per the manual that came with mine.
      2004 Carolina Classic 25 - Little Dandy
      Volvo 8.1 DuoProp


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        ATF is the recommended solution. There is also a bio-degradeable oil if you are environmentally conscious.


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          while we are at it - armored hose?

          I was post flighting my 28 after Friday's canyon run and noticed the emty reservoir. In went ATF and as I suspected when I activated the tabs - bubble, bibble out of one followed by the weep of ATF.

          I believe the fix is a new cylinder + hose as opposed to simply replacing the hose which requires a haulout to fix properly.

          This is about the 4th time this happens and the root cause always seems to be a line or hook getting caught around the hose and weakening it for it to later leak. W/ the chunk bite we had on Thurs I have no doubt what happened....

          Any ideas on how to armor the hoses with an external wrap to give the weak link a bit more protection?