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    I was wondering if anyone can advise me on my problem. I started to notice that when I turn on the Main power switch it sometimes does not come on at first after I try it a few times it comes on. This just started to happen and I would like to correct the problem now before it decides one day not to come on at all. I am not sure if it is the switch or what can anyone advise?

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    The switch is fine. You need to replace the solonoid that the switch controls.
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      If you hear the solenoid in the engine compartment operate it will most likely be that it's contacts are bad. If it doesn't operate I would replace the switch first.
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        If the main switch is sending >12 volts dc to the selonoid, in the on position, and at main wire, you have >12 volts to the selonoid, < 12 volts coming out, it will be the selonoid.

        Or the ground side is bad / loose / dirty etc.

        Bad grounds / corrosion are usually the caulprit in my past experience with boats / dc current and in fuel management system electronics.

        I have been told that Carolina actually has a second selonoid valve installed for winch systems, that can be utilized / swapped for the main circuits, in a pinch located right beside the main one.

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          Everyone seems to have nailed all possible angles on this problem. Should you need a solenoid or switch, feel free to give me a shout.


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            This seems like a rather common problem based on the posts here the last year or so. I bought two spare selonoids from CC at the start of the season. If you need direction to location, there are three selonoids mounted in the aft part of engine room. I have been told, for decifering which selonoid is connecting to the main switch, have a friend put his head right next to them while you flip the main switch. He should here a click in the faulty selenoid.
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              This is a common issue I changed mine after 12 months in a new boat. Aparently they get dust or buildup limiting their function. do yourself a favor and diagram all wires before you remove them. It is an extremely tight upside down adventure to remove this item and reattach all wires. Plan ahead and save time later..This is most likely your problem.
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                I had the same problem on my 25. Mac said to turn on the wipers if the power doesn't come on when you flip the main switch. If the power comes on when the wiper are switched on, then you have a bad solenoid. I tried it and it worked.
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                  Is it clear that it is salt water that is causing the problem? Are there salt residues visible?

                  If the problem cannot be traced to a clear issue that can be fixed, you might consider installing stick on pad type engine block heaters such as Wolverine if you have shore power at your dock. Keeping the motors warm all the time will prevent condensation and ensure that your turbos and everything else stays nice and dry by quickly evaporating any moisture that is around.


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                    Changing the selnoid is a bitch; you will need a second person to help you. The area is so tight that I had to tape the screws to the screw driver to be able to mount the new selnoid!
                    This is one of those jobs that loks easy but takes a lot longer than it should.
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                      I finally changed the selnoid,and it was a bitch to mount. I just wanted to thank all who responded to my post. It was alot easier to figure out the problem after all responded to my posting.

                      Thanks Again
                      Capt. Bobby G.