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120 AC power w/out inverter?

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  • 120 AC power w/out inverter?

    My 98 did not have an engine room receptacle. I found a cut hot/back wire at the panel and nothing in the engine room.

    I ran 14/3 triplex from the engine room breaker (black to breaker, white to white buss bar; green to green ground buss bar to a switch and wired it up.

    When I plug in shore power - nothing. When I turn on the inverter the switch works.

    How do I get the breaker/receptacle hot from shore power as opposed to running off the inverter. I am using it to power 2 250 Watt Wolverine engine pad heaters and don't want the inverter/battery going 24/7.

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    .....Why not use a qualified A.B.Y.C. electrician at your shipyard to wire your panel correctly instead of guessing? Your description of what you are doing and describing sound like you are about to open a can of worms you know nothing about.


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      did I piss in your swimming pool by accident?

      6 posts and all somewhat critical of questions or help I am asking for?


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        Do you have current at the load side of the breaker when the shore power is hooked up? If not there should be a series of jumper wires from one breaker to the next that may be missing.

        Does the inverter run the whole AC system and you select the breakers you want to use on the panel, or is it dedicated to a sub panel or something else?

        Sounds like there is something simple you may be looking past (no offense)

        Also, give me a call and we can talk about your PM you sent.


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