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Compressor belt squeeking

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  • Compressor belt squeeking

    After replacing my compressor clutch, and belt, the compressor belt has started squeeking again on my 25 CC with kamd 300. This has been a ongoing problem. Same problem with the old belt. Volvo service replaced my belts and this cured the problem for a while. The squeek slowly came back and gradually has gotten worse. The belt only squeeks when the compressor is on, when the boat is first cranked warming up, and when coming out of the hole up on to plane. I tightened the belt myself and got the squeeking to just about stop, but did not use a torque wrench. The tension seems to be about right. I do not want to over tighten the belt. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the best way to check belt tension? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Just changed my 3 belts today used a torque wrench put 37 nm on the circ belt and the compressoer belt and book says 3/8 in play for the alternator belt. Try to borrow a torque wrench the 300 kamd according to my manuel says torque between 35-40 nm newton meters.
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      compressor belt

      I just had my tightened again yesterday. I have the KAMD44 with the modified tension pulley same block as the 300 I believe. I was told by Volvo that nothing can be done about the squeak. Just to retighten the belt. I don’t mind the squeak except when it starts to slip and the compressor doesn’t kick in. Aside from that I’m very pleased with the engine.


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        You have to use a torque wrench and tighten when squeek returns. Drive belt, not compressor belt is most often the problem. The belts need to be tightened in the correct order. Can you please tell me what your performance numbers are with the volvo 300?
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          What ever you do, make certain you adjust tension correctly. Overtighten and you will burn the bearings on the adjustment pulley. Leave to loose and slipping, will burn up the main drive belt, loose it and you loose cooling, charging and steering if power assited.

          Always carry a spare if you run off shore, along with tools and knowledge to change belts in a sloppy sea, overtop a hot engine.

          Another key factor for reducing belt wear: Keep pulleys painted / coated if steel, when they rust the rust chews up the belts quicker.
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            Thanks for the replys!! Looked at the Volvo manual when I returned to the boat this weekend and it said to torque the belts at 35 to 40 Newton Meters. I invested in a torque wrench and torqed the belts to 38 Newton Meters. No more squeeking. Should have done this in the begining. When the Volvo authorized service tech changed my belts, and one previous visit to tighten my old belts the technician did not use a torque wrench. This is the reason I did not use one when I tightened the belts after the squeek returned. The belts just were not tight enough. Toothy Prize, I am seeing 28 to 29 knots fuel tanks full, @ cruise speed 3600 RPM. At WOT I am seeing 31 knots 3800 RPM. Fully loaded with three people, gear, and 200 lbs of ice, and all tanks full I usually cruise out at 22 to 24 knots @ 3200 RPM depending on sea condition. Thanks again for all the replys.


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              Blackbeard, where did you get your wrench from? I have a torque wrench that I use for my outdrives, but thought you needed a belt tensioner to check the belt tension. I don't see where you can check the tension of the belts with a torque wrench on our engines. Any info would be helpful ....
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                You must first loosen the set screw on the belt adjustment tensioner and then tighten the belt with the belt adjustment screw. Use a torque wrench on the belt adjustment screw to tighten to correct tension. Torque the belt adjustment screw to 35-40 Newton Meters as the the Volvo manual says and hold it there while you re-tighten the set screw. If you have a Volvo manual for your engine there should be clear instructions on how to do this with illustrations. I would recommend a 3/8 torque wrench the smaller the better. I think any auto parts store should have them. I purchased mine at Pep Boys.