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new alternator ?

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  • new alternator ?

    I think it is time for a new alternator on both engines , boat is a 2000 28' with cummins 250's anyone been down this road ? should I replace with cummins or delco , big price difference .
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    What is happening to make you think an alternator is going bad? I thought I was in need of a new alternator as my stbd one keep running up to 16 volts and fluctuating. It turned out to be a corroded connection on the three blade connector to the alternator. Cleaned the connection and it is now working normally.
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      Alternators don't just go bad on you over time. It's a waste of money and time if you ask me. Go buy another stand-up or re-spool your reels with spectra.

      I can give you some more ideas if you want. My engines are '99. My mechanic would not reccommend changing a thing unless it's broke .....
      Capt. Sak
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        here is scenario , fished the cigar a few weeks ago , trolling as normal around noon starboard engine shuts down , restart , same thing 4/5 times then no start , push red breaker on block , starts up throttle to over 1000 rpms and everything okay , turn the boat and head in , runs fine for 3 hours, since then have taken short runs with no problem . open for suggestions !
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          You need to replace the breaker on the block NOT the alternator(s). That breaker does go bad from time to time from heat/age/vibration on the 4Bs. Feel free to give me a call if you need guidance on what part to get . . .


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            thank you i will call , that's a big help
            28 Classic - Brown Eyed Girls


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              given the cold weather, you may want to disable the air heaters on the 4b's as well...they put quite a strain on the alternators