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  • Need wiper motor

    I called Keith over at CC to order a wiper motor for my 2003 28CC. He only had the new style motor does not carry the old style anymore. Does anyone have any idea where I can buy the motor. If I buy the new one from CC the cover only comes in white and it will not have the same shape as the old cover.

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    I just replaced both my wiper motors on my 01 With the White motors, While still not a great motor, they are designed a little better than the old gray ones. I had no problem installing them in the same hole. If your concerned about looks like I was just replace both motors. Not sure if you can get the old ones anymore. It also makes it look cleaner, in my opinion.



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      I bought the new motors from Keith in the Spring. I spray painted them black and they are still in my garage. I decided to try a season without wipers and it is working out great. Rainx is doing the trick.

      If you want to try to install my motors, I'll get them to you. If they work, you can have them for 75% of what I paid....I have to find the receipt.
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        Has Anyone Had A Black Smudge Form On The Windshield From The Wipers? Last Friday Had To Run The Wiper's Almost All Day Only On One Side I Had Lot's Of Black Streeks Seem's Like It Came From The Rubber On The Blade.?
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          That sounds like you may have used a harsh cleaner the last time you cleaned your windshields. Are you using any degreasers in the soap bucket? Sometimes it will eat at rubber if left on too long. Have you added anything new to your normal boat cleaning?
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            Is it the same motor on the 35? my motor went and replaced it with another. it doesnt fit right as the old one had a notch in it for the motor to sit differently in the window. Now the wiper only covers 3/4 of the window on the starboard drivers side. Any help with obtaining the old motor company name would be appreciated thanks.


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              They wiper motors with the light gray plastic housings are made by AFI. I believe they make 2 different models (2 different sizes)

              On my 01 28 I had replaced 2 of them, I found them on Ebay, but they can be purchased at any local marine supply.

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                Wiper motor

                I just replaced my wiper motor, I got it through Lewis Marine. I have an account with them I could get it for you and ship it, if you can not find one. There are 2 that are made by afi that look similar there is a size differnce.
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