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repower options for CC 25 gas

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  • repower options for CC 25 gas

    I have a 2001 CC25 with a 7.4 L Volvo with water in 2 cylinders, and need
    to rebuild or replace it--------my mechanic ( not a CC dealer---there are none near here) has given me 3 or 4 options for gas replacement. Cheapest option is about $8,500, complete for a rebuild

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated..........


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    The only option is a Crusader. They are the only one that warrents against the water ingestion. My advise would be to call Keith at the factory and get his opinion on which one.
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      Go with a Steyr diesel conversion, not much more but definetly worth the costs. contact by e-mail I give #


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        Crusader repower will make you smile in terms of performance and reliability. Feel free to give me a call and I can tell you what this involves and give you an idea of price to complete (757.461.6301).

        If you want to go diesel that is an option, but the $ are quite a bit more.

        Whatever you do, do NOT put a Volvo 8.1 back in the boat . . .



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          Repower Option

          Anchor Marine just south of Annapolis is a CC dealer; I guess if you are on the lower shore of MD it might be a long drive but only an hour from Easton.


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            Thanks, folks

            I have spoken to Keith at CC about the repower, and it looks like I'll get a Crusader 8.1L .........

            The advice from you all was right on----since I can't afford a diesel, this seems like the best (only) option........

            I can't help but think that the broker/dealer knew what was up when I bought the boat 2 years ago


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              Any cost estimate on the repower?


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                The Crusader is a tight fit at the rear due to the heat exchanger but it's do able. I'm enjoying the one I installed this year. Had it off shore from Harkers Island yesterday.

                Who is going to install it?
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                  Outriggers...what kind of numbers were you seeing (gph, speeds, etc.)? I guess you're still breaking in the engine at this point.



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                    We had 4 people on the boat Saturday and a large cooler full of Ice and another cooler and a full load of fuel. I saw about 40 on the gps running at 4200 rpm. It may be a little over on the props (Mercruiser Bravo 3) running 22 inch props.

                    First time off shore in the boat. What a pleasure compared to the prior 25' Donzi Walkaround. I've been offshore sever time in a friends 25classicTso I know the ride .The two friends onboard kept grabbing for support every time we hit a wave but it just rolled on thru smoothly.
                    Advance, NC