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  • Steering issue

    Recently purchased a 2002 CC, have an issue with steering, System has been bled for air? Volvo's KAD43, jackshaft and outdrives, <600 hrs. No excessive slop / play in linkage, however linkage was dry (lack of lube) .

    While sitting in slip, wheel spins easily, once on plane it becomes harder and very spongy. If rotate moderate speed wheel will spin several turns before engaging pressure to steer boat. Both wheels act the same. Once it seems to have pressure, it steers fine for a while until it goes off course, sometimes requiring a full turn to move outdrives. While trolling, steering and auto pillot work fine. Any suggestions for repairs?

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    does the questin mark

    mean you are not sure all the air was bled out?

    I'm no expert here... but after adding my tower and controls, I found my steering system had not been bled/filled well. The wheel in the tower would sort of bump or rotate freely a partial turn before I felt back pressure and got a response. In that case adding more fluid at the tower helm pump solved the problem.

    My advice is consider

    1. air still in your system
    2. bad helm pump

    in that order
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      No I am not sure all air is out, as someone else performed that service twice, prior to me taking delivery. I also noticed the fluid in upper helm was redish colored. Wondering if possible oil contamination might also be an issue. Upper wheel also is pulsating while rotating.


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        I'm pretty sure

        that the factory steering fluid in my system was red also. I think the guy who did the tower job used Seastar steering fluid which is gold. I don't think he removed the red stuff - he just added more fluid when the upper station was added. You might ask Keith what the red fluid is.

        If I was in your shoes I'd check out the highest fill point, your tower helm pump, and try adding more fluid up there and then working the steering system while running. Then see if the level up top has dropped & if you can add more.
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        Steve on Reel Screamer
        2004 Carolina Classic 28


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          I think you have an air problem. The fluid color is of no concern.
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