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  • D6 Turbo Problems

    I was wondering if anyone can add some input on a problem I have with my Port side tubo. I have Volvo D6 engines 2004 I had this turbo replaced under warranty last year and the reason that the turbo went bad was that I shut the engine down to quick, at least that is what I was told from the volvo mechanic when he replaced it. I had 210 Hrs on the motors at the time. I noticed that after he fixed it that the port side turbo boost gauge was reading less then the starboard side on the turbo boost gauge, it was off about 1.2 on the turbo boost gauge difference from each other. I asked the mechanic about this and he told me that it was nothing to worry about. Yesterday I went out fishing and when I tried to plane off I was not getting any reading on the port side turbo mind you this is the same side that I had the turbo replaced. I lowered the throttles back to where the turbo would not kick in and turned the boat around and started to return to my port when I almost reached my port about 1 hour of running time I noticed that the turbo kicked in I seen the turbo boost on the gauge that the turbo went on, I decided to go fishing for the day and the boat ran great no problems for the entire day. The turbo ran like it was suppose to. I was wondering what could have caused this problem of the turbo getting stuck and then freeing itself. I plan on calling the mechanic that replaced this turbo but I was wondering if anyone has any input on this problem. I have put on about 50 hours on the new turbo and it started acting up. I plan on calling the mechanic and see if they will stand behind there work. The warranty ran out on my engines this April but I had only put 50 Hours on the new turbo since it was installed.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    I have the same engines in an 06 model boat. I have about 300 hrs on the boat and have had no turbo troubles. I can tell you that the turbos on my boat have the same numerical boost reading throughout the rpm range. So, I would be concerned that your mechanic's repair installation was not done properly if the turbo is providing a different amount of boost than the original did.


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      When my D4's were apart this winter

      I found one turbo spun, one didn't. I asked the mechanic about it and he said that was not uncommon; he broke it free by hand and told me that as part of spring commission he often has that problem and has to run the boat up and down a number of times to force enough air into the turbo for it to break free.

      he told me not to worry about it and I haven't...


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        Is this

        numerical boost reading something new with the D6's & D4's? Is it a display at the helm?
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          part of the EDC

          I set my EDC's up with Temp; oil pressure; RPM and turbo boost in the 4 panel diaplay. You can also switch in voltage; oil temp; fuel burn and a couple others I forgot. I watch boost all the time when running close to 90% RPM (which is my max) as long as its stable I feel comfortable at 90% - when its fluctuating as sometimes happens in a following sea I back down 100% RPM to lessen the load.

          I tpically see 18-19 PSI at ~2950 RPM, 20-21 at 3050 and 22-23 at 3150 (90%). Max is 28 at WOT/35-3600 on a calm day.


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            Thank You all for for your input, I will follow up with the Volvo dealer who did the repairs on the turbo the first time. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

            Thanks again.
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            Capt. Bobby G.


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              Sticky turbo

              Look on and search "dawn dishwashing detergent" or "turbo cleaning" and they will give you some ideas on preventive maintenance for your turbos.