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engine starts and stops when key goes back to run position???

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  • engine starts and stops when key goes back to run position???

    28CC, 250 Cummins 4bta. I posted this once before but can not figure it out so I thought some more of the symptoms might help the diagnosis. My starboard engine is stopping after I crank it over. Prior to starting, rather than the low volt reading (8 or so) going to a mid-reading (10-12), it rockets up to 14 and does not change to let me know the engine is ready to start. Then when I start it, it seems to turn over fine and when I drop it back into run, it just shuts down. If I give it throttle during the crank (after a few tries), it seems to run fine. I can then let it back down to idle and it keeps going.

    To all: Thanks for the help the last time around with an injector problem. I hope I can help the others who are green behind the gills in the future. However, I hope I do not get too much experience with these probelms.

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    Maybe . .

    OK, two seperate issues . . .

    1. Your voltage not dropping to 8 then coming back up indicates that your grid heater is either not working or is unplugged on that engine. This device warms the inlet air into the engine to make cold starts easier and reduce smoke when the engine is below operating temp. The heater is located on the top, rear left of engine on top of the intercooler and has to wiring boots covering the lugs and wires.

    2. Starting and then quitting and occasionally being ok after your start and the rev up . . . As a starting point i would make sure your start stop solenoid is tight (i.e. not loose to the point that the plunger can't pull back easily) and functioning. If it is loose no brainer -- tighten up. If it appears to function ok (i.e. key to start plunger pulls in) it could be week or binding up internally. This might be alleviated some times by goosing the throttle on start up (as you described) so the alternator sends a little more juice down the line to hold/draw it in . . .

    It might also be as simple as a loose ground that is dropping out the power and allowing the fuel solenoid to kill the engine.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to post back or email/call me with any of your findings if you think I can help more . . .