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KAMD-44P Blow by out of blow by hose

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  • KAMD-44P Blow by out of blow by hose

    I purchased a 1998 Cclassic 25 with 1500 hrs on it a week ago ran 80 miles out of
    Cape Canaveral the motor shut down poured in a gallon of oil ran back in
    and it shut down at port. Total it blew out 2.5 gal of oil any ideals

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    Not to be a pessimist but I believe you have a serious engine malfunction. I had a '97 KAD42 that did a similar thing at 1700 operating hours & a rebuild was ordered by Industrial Diesel. I just decided to chuck the engine & repower. I just think the 40 series Volvo engine was just too little power for these hulls & they work themselves to a premature rebuild. Hope I'm wrong but I wouldn't waste a bunch of time or money to rebuild an underpowered engine. If you want to talk offline about this, feel free to phone me at (757)618-3597.

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      Its crankcase blowbye and indicative of exhaust gases blowing by the rings and overpressuring the crankcase; thus blowing oil out the hose.

      Its not immediately fatal; but it is indicative of a future rebuild.

      My 42's started that act at 1800 hr/s or so also.

      As Stuart said - rebuild is not worth it; repower while more expensive will change the way the boat behaves.


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