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Lemons & Lemomade !!!!!

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  • Lemons & Lemomade !!!!!

    Well boys we are back up now !!! IF you get lemons ,then you make lemonade!!!!!
    After much work we got yanmar to do a comp test on the lemon motor & well I new this ~~~ The motor was IN very bad shape !!! But no part of this was our fault. We had the guys from mackboring, Mac from C.C.+ the big boss from yanmar all on the phone// Man what a call !!!!!
    The boss from yanmar oke'd the new motor for our C.C. !!!!BUT GET THIS !!!!!We got the new 325 hp from yanmar, !!THIS MOTOR JUST CAME OFF THE LINE PATRIOT TAKE A LOOK ~~~ THE new motor has more compresson now / up to 17.1 from 15.1 +++ a new turbo, But I did not get the info on the new turbo !!!! Stilll trying to get the cam info as of yet , But this new motor is so sweet , It picks up the CAROLINA LIKE NEVER BEFORE !!!!! Now all we need to do it get her ran in right & the we can fish agan !!!! p/s. that tony guy is all wet & was no help at all !!!!
    TAKE care you all~~~~~ NORM
    25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!

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    Good news

    Glad to hear Yanmar stood by their product. I was unaware of the new motor and will check out the specs. Is this motor electronic?

    2001 CC 28
    Yanmar 300's


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      Yanmar 325

      NO MIKE THIS IS THE SAME BLOCK, JUST MORE COMP, HOPE TO GET THE CAM INFO SOME DAY ?? The turbo is new also, spins faster !!
      Good fishin ~ Norm
      25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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        What kind of performance are you seeing out of your 25 with the new engine?