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94' CC25 Rattle from jackshaft

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  • 94' CC25 Rattle from jackshaft

    I now realize this is normal, thanks for the help, now I would like to remove this posting?
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    I've owned 2 jackshafted boats (a '94 28 & my current '97 25), they both rattled a no-load idle. Once the boat was put into gear the rattling subsided. If you are saying the rattling has gotten worse & is increasing in decible level or in tone, you should get it checked out (bearings or intermediate housing). If you are saying it's the same as in years past & is it unusual for a jackshafted boat from CC to rattle at idle, the answer is no.

    By the way, I just switched to a 2 piece jackshaft & the rattle is gone, really quiet at idle.



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      J/S rattle

      We are balancing a '97 25CC right now for a customer - his weights had come off.

      Check to make sure all of your balancing weights are still in place. As Stuart said, chattering at idle is OK. If you feel it has gotten worse (under a load), drop me a note/email/call and we would be more than happy to talk with you about it and/or set up a time for you to bring it to us.


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        Jack shaft rattle

        I have a 2000 CC with 7.4 gas volvo and had a big increase in the jack shaft noise all of a sudden after a day of fishing. Felt sure it was the bearings in the cv joints of the jack shaft. Carried it to 70 West in Morehead, N C for repairs. Have not got the boat back yet but was told I had low compression in several of my cylinders which made the shaft sound like the problem because of backlash. They are doing a valve job, Hope to get boat back this week.