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  • Starts but stops

    I posted another question earlier related to this, I think (See port smoke etc) but I went down tonight to look at boat and tried to start the starboard engine. Before my troubles, the battery gauge would read around 8 at first then rise to 10 or so to tell me it has warmed up and can be started. Now it just reads around 14-16 and after I let it warm up, I receive no indication that it has warmed up, I start it and it sounds fine but as soon as I let the key back off to run (rather than keep the starter cranking) it shuts down? Any suggestions??

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    Maybe a bad ignition switch? Swap port and stbd and see if it persists. At least an easy starting point on troubleshooting.
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      Check your oil levels. There is an oil level sensor that won't let it run. Sometimes if it is low it will allow you to start it while you are turning the key and shuts down as soon as you stop it.
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