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Port engine smoke and starbord gauges on fritz?

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  • Port engine smoke and starbord gauges on fritz?

    2002 28CC-4bta Cummings

    Out running with family on Sunday. On previous trip, noticed that the port engine was putting out a little more smoke than the other. This trip, it was worse, much worse. Decided to go to dock on starboard engine and fired up port to get into my slip. When I did this, there was even more smoke than before. I had heard that this may be a faulty injector problem known to cummings? Any ideas

    To compound my concern, mid trip, I lost my gauges (temp, oil pressure, rpms) on starboard engine. Engine started but no gauges and Glendenning was not operable. I opened up the electronics compartment behind the helm and could not see any noticeable problems with disconnected wires or fuses blown. I then closed the compartment, the situation "fixed itself" and my wife was impressed with my new found mechanical abilities. Obviously, the problem is I do not like not knowing what is going on. Again, if anyone has some suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

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    If the engine was running fine (normal speed, temp, etc.) but blowing lots of white smoke (the lower the RPM, the more the smoke) then you have experienced an injector failure. Call your local Cummins mechanic and have ALL 4 injectors replaced. Cummins should cover the replacement under their "policy". It occasionally happens with these engines but Cummins has been good about replacing the injectors without hassle.

    Your other issue sounds like a bad ground wire. May want to check all the grounds to see if there is a loose or corroded connection.

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      You hit the nail on the head. When I was out and got up to plane, no problem, but at low rpms, lots of smoke. I got in touch with the cummings tech in maine after the post and will be replacing the injectors on thursday. Hope it solves the problem.

      As for the electrical, any suggestions of where I should be checking for bad grounds? I am new to this boat and not the most mechanically savy. thanks for the help.


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        injector issue

        This is an injector issue. I just had one on volvo and symptoms the same. Around $450 to have them re tipped. (if you pull them yourself)
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          Cummings tech down yesterday, replaced injector and all is good. As for electrical, fixed itself??


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            Look at the main harness that runs past the transmission bell housing heading towards the aft bulkhead of the engine space (inboard side of motor). The 4Bs chatter a bit at idle and it is not unusal for that harness to get chaffed, especially if the harness is rubbing up against the rear motor mount or cable bracket on the transmission.

            Your main ground point at the motor is on the outboard rear of the motor just forward of the mount. Make sure the connection is good/tight/clean.

            Behind your dash, on the starboard side of the cabin bulkhead you will see the main grounding bar (several screw terminals with a whole mess of black wires terminating to it). This can stand to be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis and can be the cause of erratic gauges end such . . .

            Hope this helps.