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Rebirth of my boat

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  • Rebirth of my boat

    Some of you on here know my 1997 25' has been at Layton's Custom Boatworks since mid January. I made the decision to repower the boat rather than sell her & move up. I had a Volvo KAD42 in the boat & was less than enthusiastic with the performance of this engine. I was torn between the new D4 Volvo at 260hp & the 315hp Yanmar. I rely very much on Carlton & Doug Layton's advice & they convinced me on going with the Yanmar. I also replaced the outdrive & jackshaft thereby converting my 1997 drive train into a 2007 version. Hence the term "rebirth". Yesterday, I took the boat away from Edenton bound for Virginia & this summer's fishing. My observations are below:

    1.The 2 piece shaft is fantastic, after owning a jackshafted 28 & now a 25, I was used to the metallic clanging at no load idle & a bit of shaft vibration when powering up. This shaft configuration eliminates the noise I'd grown accustomed to & there is no shaft vibration whatsoever throughout the RPM curve.

    2. The 42 Volvo was quite a noisy engine, this Yanmar is very quiet & unoffensive even at WOT. I used to have to have the VHF turned to max volume when the Volvo was turning 3300RPM's & then I still had to strain to comprehend the traffic. I don't have a decibel meter but I'd bet at cruise my noise levels are down by 30%.

    3. Performance: The 42 cruised at between 20 & 22 knots depending on cleanliness of bottom, load, etc. The flo-scan revealed it consumed between 9 & 11 gph. My "new" boat ran yesterday full of fuel at 34 knots at WOT & at 3500rpm at 26 knots consuming around 10 gph. I was turning around 3100 rpm at 22 knots consuming about 7 gph. I promised I'd report back to the Laytons my actual speed & fuel burn numbers once I've got one or 2 all day offshore trips under my belt. Based on my experience yesterday, I'm feeling I'll be very pleased with the speed/fuel economy of this rebirth.

    4. Workmanship: As I said, I rely heavily on the Layton's counsel on all matters pertaining to this boat. Their recommendations to me were taken seriously & I followed 90% of them. What's unsaid is the things they know that make these boats work and perform better. It should go without saying that I could recommend their yard to anyone who owns a Carolina Classic or an Albemarle. Guys, they really know these boats & have built quite a following of knowledgeable owners.

    I'll post more as I use my "new" boat,

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    You're going to love the new Yanmar. You should see right around 3 nmpg at 3450 rpm with 1/2 tanks.

    I want to come by and see that two piece shaft, I haven't seen that set up yet.


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      Just saw this

      I too had my boat repowered at Laytons and was very, very pleased with the attention to detail and workmanship that was done there.

      I very seriously am considering purchasing a Y2K 35 in a year or so and putting her in their hands for a repower/refurbishment.

      A pleasure to deal with...


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        Just curiuos what a job like that cost? I am seriously looking at the 25, but will be going used.

        2007 CC28


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          Chris, The net cost after selling my old engine & outdrive was $44,300, parts & labor. The engine itself was $22,800. The outdrive was around $10,000 (including stainless steel wheels). Stu