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    Have a '96 CC28 with Hynautic controls (no tower)....having all sorts of issues with the port and starboard transmissions either not going in gear, getting stuck in gear and/or slipping out of position.....this weekend, the port transmission lever is now in forward gear at the neutral position - throw it back in reverse and it shifts to neutral - and then all the down to the point that it touches the helm (never done that before) and it's in reverse!!???....any ideas on what I need to do to re-adjust the lever??

    My diesel mechanic supposedly replaced the dill valves and bleed the system, because the controls haven't worked right since he pulled both my Volvo diesels for engine repair and put them back over the winter....

    He's not familiar enough with Hynautic controls - beyond his skill set.....anyone out there know of a good mechanic in the South Jersey area (Cape May/Wildwood area) that you can recommend who knows what they're doing with these Hynautic controls???


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    Just have a little experience with these since I replaced the hoses that run up to my tower, I had to drain the system etc. One question did you check the pressure on the tank. I think it should be somewhere around 80 psi. It's a start. Make sure it has enough fluid in it and on top of the tank is the guage. Mine is just foward of my trim tab motor starboard side.

    01 28.


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      My tank sits in front of the port engine.....pressure is sitting around 70....the system was bleed and the dill valve replaced by my diesel mechanic......

      Something obviously slipped somewhere in the linkage, since forward is now in the "neutral" position (won't go any further)....something happened when I threw the port engine into reverse while backing into my slip....that's when the control came back all the way to point where it's touching the helm??

      I called the Canyon Club to see if they had a mechanic familar with Hynautic controls.....of course no one called me back....par for the course trying to find someone down in South Jersey unfortunately!......


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        Try the Carolina Classic dealer in waretown. Gary comes to my boat in Atlantic City. He might be able to help you out. Who does your diesel work?
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          Hynautic is now Teleflex.......

          and the guy you (or your mechanic) need to talk to is Joe in tech support at Teleflex. He can be reached at 941 907 1000 ext 8222.


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            Eckel's is my diesel mechanic....specialize in Volvo, but they work on them all.....