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CC 28 problems - need your help

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  • CC 28 problems - need your help

    Two unanswered problems:

    1-House battery - low voltage problem

    Went fishing Saturday and all voltages showed 13.8 VDC on the garmin GPS. In a previous conversation with Mac, he told me that one engine will charge all three batteries thru the isolator.

    Crank port engine (Volvo 7.4) and the voltage meter will show just to the green arc but not into it, Garmin shows 13.2 VDC slowly rising to 13.6. Turn on the STB key switch, port meter drops back to 12 away from the green arc ????, why??? Crank the STB engine and the voltage stays at 13.6 VDC, so the engines are charging, but the port meter never goes into the green, STB does showing 13 volts. So the system is working just not showing on the port meter.

    Anchored up with some friends Sunday, shut the engines down and left the AM/FM radio playing. After about two hours the radio started cutting in and out. Voltage 10.8 VDC. First thought was a bad house battery. left the charger on over night and removed the battery the next day and carried it to the battery shop. Under a load it worked just like it was supposed to do. I had this problem at a Christmas flotilla and replaced the battery. Now it reappears again. Something is draining the battery, any suggestions?

    One CC owner said his was doing the same thing and it was the shower pump stuck. Dumped 3 gallons of water into the shower and it pumped it out, so the pump is good. Where and how do I start testing?

    2- generator runs and cuts off.

    Onan generator will run from anywhere from 1.5 minutes to 1.3 hours then sounds like it is starving from lack of fuel. It starts loping and then shuts down in 15 seconds. It is tied into the port pickup on the main tank and that engine does not have a problem. Replaced the carburator several months ago, filled with crud, I guess the boat sat for an extended period of time. I'm going to remove the tank pickup and check that out. It may be the Onan doesn't use the volumn of fuel that the Volvo does and the strainer may be partially clogged. Am I on the right track?

    Don't you just love buying other peoples problems!
    "Addison Leigh"
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    I had the same problems and went with pulling the battery load tested was great reinstalled .5 to 1hour same low voltage this year i up graded (more cranking amps)the batt so far no problems it is your house battery. as for the gen i had the same problem with westerbek 5kw it was the fule pump relay this stuff can drive us nut's when running off shore i will alway's run the gen with the battery charger on when at drift or on the hook.I also had a problem with the port starter will not work then will work was a simple relay quick fix this year i had the port tack go out and it was just the conection at the sending switch had some **** clean and works like new. I hope i helped any questions you can pm me be glad to help


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      i had a problem where my house batt.went dead when i stayed on the boat overnite,and i needed to start the engines on and off on overnight canyon trips...2 problems were found..the charger was not working fully,and the livewell pump that powers up with the washdown switch was not cutting out . it was chugging away when the livewell water was off. replaced the pressure sensor and prob. solved.


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        If you have genny issues with the Westerbeke 5kw I may have an answer:
        1) There is a lift pump that will gunk up and go bad that is easy to replace. Maybe your Onan has the same issue. (You only have two smaller fuel filters on a genny)
        2) Run your genny alot - I have 716 hrs on my mains and 243 on my genny. (prev owner never ran genny) Fuel will varnish and filters will sediment over time and the best thing to do is to exercise these units.
        2001 28\' 230 Volvo Diesels