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Replacing trim tab piston (ram)

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  • Replacing trim tab piston (ram)

    My starboard trim tab piston (or ram) is leaking and I want to replace it. My trim tabs are made by Boat Leveler. I have the new piston but I am not sure how to replace it. It is pinned at the top and bottom...are these driven out with a punch? Is the process to drive out the pins, take out the cylinder, and then replace with the new one?

    I just wanted to check before I start swinging a hammer!

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    Yes, the cyllinders are held in with pins. Use a punch and drive the pins out. Be careful though sometimes these pins are difficult to get out. You don't want to break the transom mounts they are plastic. You can call the boat leveler company and ask for Don toll free 1-800-386-7470 he will be glad to answer any questions you have.


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      Thanks....that's what I thought it would take.


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        I haven't changed one of my boat leveler rams yet. I replaced a tab on my previous boat and the pin was made from a soft plastic. I lost a tab at sea but the ram stayed on the boat thanks to the plastic pin. It was a bennet trim tab. Dont know if boat leveler is the same type of design. If it is you can mangle that pin pretty badly if you are whacking it with a sharp edged instrument.
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          Just finished putting 2 new ones on our 28. Same Boat Leveler system. We used a punch to get the old pins out. The new ones can be difficult to get in. We filed the leading edge a little to taper it which made it much easier to get started. The hose can also be difficult to get off and on. Our new ones came with hose attached but the port side was to short to reach the pump. We used the existing hose on that side. If you do it that way make sure any cuts you make leave you enough hose to make an effective connection.


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            Thank you for the tips. Mine has a a fairly long length of hose attached so I hope I can use it. If not, the old hose is okay so it is reusable.


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              Got the piston changed...not a big deal. Sprayed the pins with PB the night before and a center punch took them right out the next morning. Filing down the end of the new pin before I put them in was a BIG help. That was a great idea!

              I have a in the world can you get the old hose out? Access is virtually impossible. The hose is held tightly in a bunch of wire ties. I guess if I pulled out the livewell I could get to it but I'm not wanting to do that much disassembly.

              Anyone else have a similar experience?


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                Trim tab ram replacement

                Were you guys able to replace the ram with the boat still in the water? I need to replace my starboard ram and would like to avoid a haul out.


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                  Mine is on a trailer. It would be difficult but not impossible!


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                    I took a good look at it over the weekend & I think the aggrevation of trying to do it in the water might be worse than the cost of a haul out.