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  • KAMD 300 Engine Temp

    Just curious what other KAMD 300 owners temperature readings are? My temp guage reads about 197 or 198 degrees when running fully loaded. Is this normal? Engine is in a 25CC and has about 300 hours on it. Once I burn off some fuel the temperature is a little less. Once I pull back to start fishing temp drops to 150 or 160.

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    More or less correct

    My 42's used to run at 185-190 on the analog gauge and creep up even or just over the 200 line when I was fully loaded. I was told not to worry about it till I saw 205 and to clean my raw water system every 2 years to keep the heat exchangers as efficient as possible.

    Get a heat gun if your concerned and use that to verify temps.


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      I'm usually 185-190 At the end of the season I was running a little warmer just shy of 200. When I took the boat the intake screens were dirty so I think that was the problem. This year I'll have to take a dive.
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        My starboard kamd300 ran hotter (200 Degrees) last month. Dirty screen.
        Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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          Exactly how do you guys

          go about cleaning your raw water systems (beyond cleaning the pickup screens)???

          My KAMD300's have always run (or at least the guages read) a bit on the hot side under load (200+).
          Steve on Reel Screamer
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            My 2002 Kamd 44's (basically same as kamd 300 with less horses) run just shy of 200 in the Summer. This past weekend they were at about 190. I was concerned two years ago when I first started noticing it so I had a mechanic take a look.

            I ran the boat on plane while he (with the engine hatch up) took temparature readings at the thermostat housing. He was getting readings about 175 even though the gauges said 198. He felt confident that the gauges were not accurate. He also stated that the bepper goes off at 200 which has only happened to me once when I the water pump belt broke (so I know the beeper works).

            I did notice two Spring's ago that the boat bottom under the intake screens is not primed and gets clogged with worm-growth. I take a thin flat-head screw driver every Spring and clean most of it out without removing the cover.

            The mechanic also recommended mixing antifreeze to water at 60 parts water and 40 parts antifreeze. He said that the water is what cools the engine more efficiently than the antifreeze and that a higher ratio of water to antifreeze would cool the engine better.

            Due to Backman's suggestion, I am going to use some conditioner this year to make sure I don't have any scaling in my heat exchangers. That will be interesting to see if that makes any difference in my gauge readings.
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              I have had the impellars changed every year. I was told by a Volvo mechanic that they wear very quickly on these motors. On plane, I consistently run about 185 degrees.
              Capt. Walt
              2001 CC 28
              Volvo KAMD 300's


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                Looks like we have the same set-up. My boat runs about the same temperature you just described and during the middle of the summer last year it started to creep up around 200. One thing you may want to check is your coolant level; that was one of my issues for the temperture reading at or above 200. Now I am back reading 195-198 with a load on plane. I am going to check my temperature with a temperature gun next time out just for peace of mind. I also installed a graco water strainer to filter out the trash and you would be surprised what the strainer picks up.


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                  Sea strainer


                  Where did you purchase your strainer? Did you install it yourself? I always wondered why CC did not install these at the factory. I did ask Mac about this and he did not think it was necessary. Seems like a good idea to me.



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                    Water Strainer


                    I purchased my strainer from Hamilton Marine catalog. They are around $100.00 but well worth the $.