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  • shaft question

    I am in the process of purchasing a 28 CC. At the sea trial, the surveyor noticed that both stuffing boxes were leaking when on plane. Owner agreed to fix but informed me that the mechanics discovered that the shafts were scored when they were replacing the seals on the boxes. After a call to CC, the owner told me that cc said it is normal wear and tear, the shafts are overbuilt anyway and they should not be a problem. Big purchase for me. I love CCs and want my first to be a good experience. However I am concerned about this. Anyone run into this before or have any insight? Thanks

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    Just ran into this problem this year. Replaced Port Shaft becasue scoring was so bad. but starbord was not. Keith from CC told us that we could just move the seal for or aft and we would be fine. Just had to trim a little off the rubber boot. We slide it 1/2" aft, where it was not scored. Just put the boat in the water yesterday and ran it 20 miles to our slip, and all ran fine. Replaced both seals and no more leaks. Makes me feel better. Mine leaked all last season. Was always in the back of my mind and I was nervous, being these are drippless seals.

    2001 28


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      thanks Nick