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  • Separ heads up

    I'm sure all 28 owners w/ Separs fight rust on the petcock and thumbscewws just like I do. Its inevitable in that location; especially when you use the salt water washdown to clean blood of the deck and it leaks though the gutters into the bilge...

    Anyways; when I went to do my initial drain and backflush last weekend one petcock had rusted solid over the winter and would barely let a trickle through. In a crunch; it would have been a problem; on a Sunday in April, no big deal to let it drain for 2 hr's at the dock.

    I have no doubt if I went to remove the entier petcock something would sheer or the bowl would break!

    I have replacements on order from Separ for the petcock; o-ring and bowl replacement - seems like a god thing to have a spare of.