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  • Main switch

    Just bought a Classic 25 trailered it 500 miles home turned the main switch on the dash to on and no power anywhere any ideas?
    I do have power to the starter when I turn the motor over.Thanks

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    Howdy Chief,

    Two words. Main Solenoid. (probably). Or just solenoid. Just drop that word in the search bar and be treated to hours and hours of posts about the benefits of the main solenoid.

    Okay, rant off. It's a circuit design that employs a 70 A (continuous - cough, cough,) solenoid to power everything under the helm. The solenoid sits in a box just inside the aft bulkhead in the engine room on the starboard side.

    Have to raise the helm deck for access. Switch under starboard gunnel above the faucets.

    Welcome to the community.
    CC25 - Hull #60, 1995
    Volvo 8.1Gi-A, 1.78 DP-D1, C5
    Stainless Marine Exhaust
    w/ Heated Manifolds


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      Thanks Pescadora for the quick reply I will need to open the hydraulic valve near the head so I can lift the engine lid by hand glad to be part of community!😎


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        Sometimes flipping the main switch a few times consecutively might close the solenoid. here's the solenoid model you'll need Cole Hersee 24117-01-BP SOLENOID CONTINUOUS DUTY PVC

        By the way you might need a Halligan to help start lifting the hatch but the gel coat won't like it...

        The previous owner might have installed a by-pass switch for this reason, if you can ask him or look for an accessible perko switch (maybe under gunwale close by the hatch switch).

        Good luck!

        P.S. dont forget to be prepared to secure the hatch..
        2000 25' CC
        VP 8.1Gi-EF
        DP-E 1:78


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          welcome chief im retired firefighter in mass had the same problem so ditto on what he said


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            Thanks for all the ideas the perko switch is in the engine compartment it was on I lifted the hatch by hand not bad at all to do hence no halligan tool NEEDED!😎Main switch came back to life after flipping it a few times but will be replacing the solenoid before spring.Thanks for your fire service!STAY LOW STAY SAFE!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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              Wow, although it hasn't happened (knock wood) to me, but I heard stories that it took an All Hands to raise the hatch, maybe the bypass valve was closed??
              Even still its got to be a heavy son of a gun for a White Hat who got out in 87. With all do respect, Just sayin..... some of us ole dinosaurs still got it!!!

              Good Luck with the 25, you'll find plenty of help when needed on the forum don't hesitate. once your comfortable and figure her out you'll be very happy too, stay safe!!
              2000 25' CC
              VP 8.1Gi-EF
              DP-E 1:78


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                Retired in 2013 started my service in 1987!😎