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  • 7.4 volvo

    I am looking at a 94 carolina classic that has an 7.4 vovlo engine in it. Have there been any problems with this engine. Doug.

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    If this is the original engine, there should be no problems. I think the only problems are with the newer vortec engines.

    Someone with more experience will chime in soon.

    I assume that this is a 25. Or is it a 28.
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      It is an 25 clasic. Doug.


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        1994 7.4 was a pre EFI. No injestion issues with this motor.


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          Carb'd 7.4's

          No problems with carb'd 7.4's.

          F.I. 7.4's and 8.1's(Volvo and Merc.) in the 25 and 28CC's in saltwater? RUN, DON"T LOOK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            jm1159 is absolutly correct, Run Forest Run!!!


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              OK...i'm seeing lots of warnings on the 7.4s. This is news to me, though apparently well known to others. I'm looking at a 1998 CC 25 with the Volvo 7.4 Gi set up. Owner traded it in on a 28. My plan is to fish it hard for two years, with trips to the gulf stream as often as possible for a working man.

              I asked the broker about the water ingestion problem...he said he thought the necessary repair had been done, but i should have it surveyed. seemed a bit squirrely to me (the "i don't know anything about mechanical matters" sort of salesman), but a nice guy.

              engine has less than 200 hours. I haven't had it surveyed yet, but what should I be sure is covered in the survey...or should I just "run away" from the deal. Dave Robotham of Wrightsville Beach is my surveyor...not sure he is aware of the extent of the problem or the nature of the "fix".

              also...what is the cost of the "fix", if there is a fix. I've looked at the diesel...the new boat is selling retail in the 90s without electronics. As many of you know, there are a number of gas 25s at half that cost. As someone who isn't sure he'll still be alive to recoup that entry cost differential, i'd like to go with the less expensive gas model if possible. even with a complete engine and outdrive replacement, i'd be ahead of the diesel cost wouldn't I?