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    Is There A Good Place To Buy Cv Joints For Jackshafts Or Just Go To Volvo. Thanks

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    I don't think the jackshaft comes from Volvo. I believe that the CV joints are made by Aquadrive and sold to someone in the area near CC that makes the driveshaft for CC. Don't quote me on that but I believe that's what I found out when researching the subject.

    The CV joints would have to have a lot of hours on them before they would be worn out. With the small amount of missalignment you have on them there shouldn't be a lot of wear. Consider the joints on a car. I would imagine the use on a front wheel drive car would be in excess ot 4k to 5k hours or more before they would be worn out.
    Advance, NC


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      Thanks Outrigger - The Cv Joints At The Gimbal Looked Good - I Popped The Plate Of The Back To Check And Grease Them - Since I Was That Far Went Ahead And Took Engine End Off To Grease -both Of These Were Loose - Balls On Starboard Side Were Dark And Dry Also Noticed Brass Ring Was Discolored By Some Of The Balls Where They Had Gotten Hot- Boat Has 962 Hours On It- 28 With Diesels-came To The Conclusion This Is Where Some Of My Jack Shaft Rattle Came From - I'll Call Cc And See What They Say - Thanks