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Milky oil in out drive

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  • Milky oil in out drive

    Milky oil in out drive, CC 28 KAD43 w/ DPE out drives. Starboard out drive had water and gear lube had turn to milk. Drain oil and flushed and replace lube. What else need I do? Gaskets on hub looked ok but water got in somehow. Thanks for suggestions.

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    I had an albemarle with the same outdrives. Water in the lube occured several times over the 900 hours and 5 seasons I owned and wet stored the boat. Water got in for 2 reasons: first, fishing line around the shaft; second, a failed thrust bearing that allowed the SS prop to drive into the lower unit and grind up the shaft seal.

    Those DP drives are about the best there are, and they're very tolerant of some water so long as it's caught early, flushed and replaced with new lube.

    Unfortunately, there a lot of places water can get into those units, including the many surfaces protected by only an o-ring or a thin layer of sealant (gear head to lower unit, etc.). If you're absolutely certain the shaft seals are good and there are no obvious cracks in the drives, then those sealed surfaces may also need to be checked.