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CC25 inboard: spray, corrosion

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  • CC25 inboard: spray, corrosion

    There's always some unremovable water that pools in the middle bilge of my 25CC inboard. Some of that water is laced with salt.

    When the boat rises to plane, that unremovable bilge water drains back and flows directly under the shaft coupling. When it makes contact with the shaft coupling, it spays all over aft and side engine bulkheads. More importantly, it spays all over the gear case and corrodes the electrical shift connectors. I caught the problem before the electrical conectors had rusted off, but they were quickly getting there. Either some form of shield is needed to keep this from happening, or a better means of pumping out that middle bilge is required.

    I've mentioned the problem to my dealer and he said he'd pass it along to Mac.

    Has anyone else seen this too?