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  • Lifering location

    has anyone found a good location for a lifering and line on a 28 which is both out of the way and is accessible if you need it? In 8 years I've tried the underside of the hardtop; back of the bench seat, looped over 2 rod holders; behind the tower legs and probably a couple other places I forgot.

    This year's variant seems to have metamophasized to triple bungeed in the center area of the hard top with the line coiled on top.

    If I had to get to it and was thinking clearly its slash, slash, slash with a knife and toss. However to secure it tightly you can imagine how the bungee's are twisted, retwisted and angled to keep it up out of the way.

    Bottom line; its not coming down quickly without a knife.

    I never expect to need it, but if I do I want it accessible and easy to free. Especially if its me overboard!

    Anyone come up with a good quick release approach?

    For the record 8 knot trolling speed is 13 feet per second; 10 seconds delay means the person is 130 feet or 43 yards behind you; 25 seconds is 100 yards. Thats a long way to swim if your wearing shoes, jeans, a sweatshirt, jacket, etc....