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Fuel Filter location?

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  • Fuel Filter location?

    Changed manifolds and risers on my 7.4 carb CC25 this weekend. The risers were two years old but the manifolds were original to the boat (1997). I changed everything as a precautionary measure. I'm happy to say that the old ones looked great! The boat was flushed after every use so that must have helped.

    Anyway, I was looking for a fuel filter to change and couldn't find one! Was a fuel filter standard on the CC25? If so, where is it hiding?

    If not, what size/unit would you recommend and where is a good mounting location?


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    I just installed a Racor 660RRACo2in my 25 with a new 8.1l Crusader. It's rated at 90gph which might be a little overkill but probably provides a little less flow resistance.

    Here'a a link to the cheapest source I could find for them. They give a 40% discount on Racor filters. I mounted it between the port lift cylinder and the front bulkhead of the engine compartment.

    Advance, NC


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      Thank you for the info!

      Is your boat still in Advance?

      I'll give you a call!



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        Yes it's still here for about another two or three weeks. I'm working on mounting the batteries and tying the jackshaft balancing weights down and a couple of other small things. Basically it's about ready

        The wife had hip replacement surgery 12/29 and last week developed a bad deep antibotic resistant Staff infection(MRSA). I think she may be out of the hospital tomorrow. She's been in there a over week fighting the infection

        You have to use the 02 version of the Racor filter as it's a inbord and enclosed. It would be nice to have the cleas bottom to see water etc but thw -01 mocels are only rated for outboards.

        Give me a call.
        Advance, NC


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          Great meeting you and your son this weekend!

          You have a good looking boat and that new Crusader 8.1 sure looks sweet.
          It looks like you'll be ready for an offshore run any day now!