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Correct Props for 28CC w/ Volvo KAMD 42's

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  • Correct Props for 28CC w/ Volvo KAMD 42's

    Hi Mac/Keith:

    I have a 1996 28' Carolina with Volvo KAMD 42's and jackshaft sterndrives....

    My diesel mechanic accidently broke one of the aluminum duoprops while servicing my outdrives. He purchased 4 new props from Volvo (and after I picked myself up off the floor after seeing the price), discovered that the new props got the boat on plane superfast, but I ended up losing about 3-4 knots at crusing RPMs (~3400) - 22kts vs 25-26kts I was getting with the old props.

    We are now debating whether the props pitch and diameter needs to be adjusted?? He says no and that they should not be experience has always been that props needed to be tweaked for the particular boat and power combination??

    What's your advice given the boat and my power and drive configuration?? Can you please provide me with the exact Volov "prop number" (e.g., B-2??)?....and if the props should be adjusted for pitch and/or diameter, what are your recommended settings for this boat??

    Know your busy....appreciate your help and time as always!