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Installing battery charger on CC25

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  • Installing battery charger on CC25

    I'm thinking of installing a battery charger on my CC25. Any recommendations on model? Also, anyone have a picture of where they have their's mounted?

    Should it be wired straight to the battery switch or straight to the battery?


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    I suggest that you wire it to ABYC standards. Your questions reveal the fact that you really need to have a professional or at a minimum inquire about the proper installation and overcurrent protection that are required. Call ABYC or get a copy of their standards. BTW, I am currently an ABYC certified electrician.


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      My boat came with a Charles 20 amp model (5000 series I think). Its mounted to starboard of the engine compartment fire extinguisher. The shore power connector is on the port side of the cockpit where the gunwale angles in towards the centerline. There is an AC power panel mounted just to port as you step down into the cabin. There are two AC outlets, one in the engine compartment and one in the cabin. Pretty sure your owners manual shows the wiring schematic. If not, I would contact the factory. They are very helpful.

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