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My 25 06 yanmar315

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  • My 25 06 yanmar315

    I am new to this format,so away I go. Had a 26 Stratos cc with twin 200 Fichts.I fish out of Oceanside NY and after six years of getting the **** beat out of me and my loyal and dumber crew,I ordered a new 25 cc with Yanmar315 and straight shaft.The greatest adjustment was the cruising speed as @3500rpm,which is 450 off the top my boat does 23 knots. The ride, ah yes the ride. This boat is built.I almost never let weather stop me as the confidence this boat inspires is remarkable. First problem at 60 hrs. Boat died with problem finally diagnosed as metal shavings in fuel pick-up. Second at 225 hrs when water pump,not impeller but internal pump failed. Towed back and Rob from superior sevices had engine back in boat within 1 week. The big Kahuna occured at 255 hrs with engine seizure. Rob this time got Yanmar to send me a new engine which was installed a week ago. Boat is wrapped for the winter and we shall see. Sidebar... Oil and trany fluids changed three times as I know the value of proper maint. Anyone with any comments or advise ?

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    I had a 01 25 with the yanmar 300 jackshafted. I traded the boat in for a 04 28. My 25 had about 280 hrs.About a week after the trade in my dealer calls me to tell me he took a buyer out on the 25 and the water pump went, not the impeller but the whole water pump gears included, what happened after that I don't know.
    2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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      Had a 28 that the port water pump failed on. Talked to Mac Boring and apparently it is a common problem for the shafts on the pump to break. Never had anymore trouble like your failure though. Hopefully your new engine will run problem free.


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        06 ~315 Yanmar !!

        We also have the same C.C. that Lioyd has. We got up to 70 hours & lost the fuel pump ???? Not sure why yet, we have the seapar filters + the yanmar filter, so we think that there was junk in the pump when it was built ?????
        Mac has worked with us , Yanmar took care of all the work + The sea trial..
        The engine runs up to 3900 rpm like it should, no smoke~ Hope this is all good now ..We had a 2000 C.C. with the yanmar & had not trouble at all with any water pumps or any thing !!!
        We will be runnin it hard soon in baja !!!!!
        GOOD FISHIN TO ALL~~~~~~~~ NORM
        25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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          Welcome aboard! where in Oceanside do you dock? I grew up there & my father docked his boat @ O'reilly's Cove, back by the train station. I have many fond memories of my early fishing years there.

          "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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            My cc25

            I keep my boat at all island. I got the boat in may 06.What power do you have in your 28. Are you happy with your boat? Did you buy it new?