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  • Introducing Myself

    My name is Pat Brocker I live in Melbourne, FL. I own a 22 Foot Shamrock Cuddy (presently for sale). I love to fish. I saw the 25 Foot CC a few years ago and fell in love with it. Hope to have one, one day. The main problem I have wright now is that I have two friends with 28 footers, one with a 31 foot, one with a 35 foot, and one with a 57. So no one wants to fish on my smaller boat. So for now I will fish on the bigger boats. I will have to save for my own CC one day.

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    they say that guys like you, with friends who own boats, are the smartest of the bunch!
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      A bunch of former Shamrock owners here. I had a 26 and 20, Tom the administrator had a 31. We both spent a lot of time on Gavin's Shamrock site. Hopefully you'll get your own CC one day and share your experiences with the boat.
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        introducing myself

        I sold the shamrock . now I am wondering if I did the the right thing ? I know what I like. BUT now I don't know what to do . fish with friends , look for what I want ( used ), what I like . decisions decisions . look for more people to fish with . what did I do . ( for better or worse ) .


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          You have to decide if you have the need to own your own boat like I do. I enjoy fishing on my own boat more than others. Personal preference.

          I owned a 22 shamrock wa and my father had a shamrock GS31. We both sold our boats and I bought the 32. Now I might be moving up to a 35. (I think I need to see a shrink).

          The smart one fishes on other people's boats.

          Get a 25. You won't regret it.....
          Life is to short for an ugly boat

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