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  • new 25'

    have just found and joined the great site here.
    looking at a new 25' with the 8.1 gasser. cant afford the yamar.
    wish i could. plse help me with all the water injestion stuff..
    are the new boats subject to the same problems.
    thks for any info and merrychristmas

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    I don't have my 25 (gas) in the water yet but my uderstanding is that with the current exhaust system the water ingestion is not a problem. .Mine is being rigged now and will have it in the water in a couple more months when the water gets softer.


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      A lot of the problem was due engines with automotive type cams that allowed for valve timing overlay that allowed moisture to enter the area around the valves. Deposits of salt etc. caused deterioration of the engines. The salt from what I understand also caused cylinder wall damage over time.

      Engines produced in the last coupe of years have redesigned cam timing the eliminates a lot of that problem. It's also recommended that before you shut the engine down run it at about 2,000 rpm to dry it out. the boats also have a water lift muffler that helps prevent a inrush of water thru the exhaust when stopping suddenly.


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        thks for the info guys.
        is the engine space big enough to get to the plugs,filter ect


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          Plenty of room for that. Just don't try to get to anything on the floor under the engine. It's pretty clost trying to work on something on the inside of the stringers. It's also a little tight at the rear of the engine due to the heat exchanger. If you want to install a fuel flow gauge get the non return fuel system that doesn't return unused fuel to the tank.


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            thks deepwater. still trying to talk the admiral into the cc almost there