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  • The deed is done!

    Just placed my order for a new 25 ft with gas motor. I will be trailering around the great lakes. This is a huge move up from my 10 year old 18ft sea swirl.Now to figure out all the electronics/trailer stuff to go with it.This is way more boat than I had planned on but my wife told that "this is the one" so I did not want to argue with her! Love that woman! Rick H
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    It's here

    Going to look at the new baby on sunday the 26th. It was well along in production when I placed my order. I caught it with about 1 day to spare to change things to the way I wanted it.It will be a sleepless night. Rick H


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      I remember when I was going through the same thing. Take some pics of the new rig and post them up.

      Good luck with it.
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        Congrats on the new rig

        Congrats on the new rig!
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          Great Looking 25cc In The Net

          Checked Out Your New Rig On The Photo Gallery. Looks Like A Real Beauty, Best Of Luck With It. I Hope To Get Into A Similar Rig Sometime Soon. Regards. Lct
          P.s. Boat Looks Too Clean, Some Fish Blood And Guts Are In Order!!


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            Are Those Bow Thrusters Standard? Nice Touch. Keep In contact With The Forum And Let Us Know How The Trailering Goes as this is a concern of mine. When I do get around getting a 25cc I plan to keep my Rig On A Trailer. I will have to move Up In Truck Size. Right Now I Have A 06 Z71 W/ A 5.3 Ltr And There Is No Way I Would Be Able To Haul A Big Heavy Rig Like That. Will Move Up To A 2500 Hd When The Time Is Right.
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              Thanks, I am very excited and terrified at the same time. The bow thrusters are not standard, but I did not want to be the guy from Saturday at the dock that everyone is talking about on monday morning. "ya shoulda seen what I saw over the weekend" I have several friends that are charter captains on the great lakes and I have been getting a rasher of s*it from them already. I do not get nearly as much practice backing into a slip as they do so better safe than sorry. I won't know how it tows till spring as it is spending the winter at the dealer.Rick H


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                Thrusters make perfect sense

                Thrusters make perfect sense when having to deal with a overbuilt, single screw deep vee. It will make life so much easier. Don't let those boys bother you! LCT


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                  It is always fun to see the expression on people's face as they offer a hand while coming in to dock and you hit the thruster. I am not ashamed in the least bit to use it either. It makes docking a snap once you get the feel of it.


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                    Hey Shrinkage, Your boat is the reason I am getting a cc25. We peeked in yours and my wife told me that "THIS IS THE ONE". I had been looking at a Baja and sportcraft with her and on a whim I went to south shore. Yours was in storage and when she looked inside from the ladder it was all over. She has not been on one yet so she is excited about going to the show so she can climb aboard. Mine is almost ready to go. It will be at the Cleveland boat show. Thanks Rick H


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                      Very excited for you & your family about your new toy. Can't wait to see you out on Lk MI pounding the Kings! Hope it's a great season for you!

                      Captain Jeff
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                        Thanks Jeff. You would look real good on a 35 cc and your clients would be much happier and you would catch more fish and I am sure there is several other reasons for you to get one. Rick H