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Drfiting in a 28?

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  • Drfiting in a 28?

    Hello all:

    I currently own and fish out of a 28 Baha Cruiser in Western Lake Erie. Any owners out there that can give advice on how a 28CC would run, slow troll (1.5-2.5 mph), and drift in our kind of seas would be appreciated.

    I have only seen one 28CC in my area and it was at the dock. I do not think the owner fishes much.

    Apprecatiate any and all advice and comments! Please post or e-mail.

    [email protected]
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    I fish a 25 on Western Erie all the time, trolling exclusivly. I'm considering a 28 down the road. I've sea trialed the 28 and it's an awesome boat. Not sure how it would do drift fishing erie, but slow trolling would be no problem. You might want bags (I use two 36" bags to get down to around 1.. One of the biggest advantages of these boats is the ability to put the tabs down and cut the nasty Erie chop w/o getting beat up. The combination of hull design and weight really shines here. I've fished many aluminum boats and while they're better than standing on shore, give me the CC anytime.
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      Thanks for the reply Little Dandy! I know what you mean about the alluminum boats. I have fished erie in a 17, a 19, a 21, then a 24 thompson and now the 28 Baha. Guess I just have the itch to upgrade again. The CC looks like one heck of a boat. I run a few charters each year and I am a little concerned with the low gunwales with clients trying to fish in the back on a drfit. There are some great posts on this site, but it's nice to here some comments from someone in our area. Thanks again,



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        I also am seriously looking at the 28' CC. I have been running a 27' sportcraft the past four years on the western basin. I sea trialed the 28' CC on a real nasty day, very impressed. I will be strictly trolling.

        South Shore has a few nice used ones. Hope they are willing to deal.


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          That sounds good Lady Bridge....from what I have seen of the comments on this site, I think I can expect a little more roll on the drfit than I have now with our Baha 28....will have to give some thought, as we do like to drfit fish. We use bags all the time and it looks like that will help the situation somewhat. The great ride is the part that sounds good.

          Thanks for the feed back!