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    I'm a new member to the forum and have just ordered a CC25 with a 315 Yanmar inboard. I've been fishing for about 50 years and although I don't fish as hard as I did in the "good old days", I still like to run out to 40 fathoms, for an occasional day trip.
    A lot of my fishing is done closer to shore, and since I live on Great South Bay, NY, I need a boat that can handle a nasty short chop as well as offshore seas. The CC25 seems like a perfect fit offering toughness, reliability and comfort. It will be replacing a 1979 22 Tripp Angler with a 240hp 4 cyl. Yanmar.
    I also have a place in Key West where I keep a 23 Regulator which I use for both inshore and offshore fishing.

    Thanks to all the folks on the CC forum for the helpful tips.

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    Welcome aboard & good luck with the new rig. I keep my boat @ the Anchorage Yacht Club in Lindenhurst & live in Copiague, hope to see you out on the GSB soon.

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      Welcome aboard. You'll love the new CC, especially with that package. Is it jackshaft or inboard only? I know CC is doing gas inboards.

      Regardless, a fine setup. I have the Volvo diesel JS with duoprop and it's been trouble free although admittedly I'm low on hours. This is my first diesel and I find it very efficient yet powerful enough for this hull.

      Have visited Key West and loved it. Didn't have the opportunity to try fishing though, just snorkeling (typical tourist).

      Bet you can't wait for the delivery date for that new hull.

      2004 Carolina Classic, Volvo 300 KAD
      2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc


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        Haven't been here long myself but welcome aboard. Whens your delivery date? I take it thats an inboard seeing as I don't think Volvo will allow you to match anything but a Volvo up with there jackshaft? Keep us up to date really like to know what for numbers you get out of that set up? Congratulations on the new boat. Charlie
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        2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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          Thanks for the nice welcome to the forum.
          I will be taking delivery of a new CC25 with a Yanmar diesel 315/straight inboard in March 2007. The deciding factors in selecting this engine and drive package were:
          The boat will be kept in the water
          Simplicity of a straight inboard setup
          Previous good experince with Yanmar diesels
          A Floscan 9000 is going to be part of the electronics package, so we should have some good fuel usage numbers on this package once I get some hours on the boat.

          Does anyone have experience with installing either a Raymarine c-80 or Garmin 3206 in the dashboard of a 25? I trying to determine what I can stuff into that space.


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            Unless Mac changed the dash on the new models the C-80 will not fit you would have to go with the C-70 but the 3206 fits nicely. I wanted separate unites so I choose the 3206 wich gave me the xm weather & This winter I'm installing the new Furuno 585 sounder wich should also fit nicely. I just have to decide on the transducer I'm thinking the Airmar M260 because I trailer my boat. Later I want to add the Furuno VX2 probably in the top box or beside the dash for the radar & backup gps, sounder. CHARLIE
            2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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              25 Dashboard

              Thanks for the advice on Raymarine/Garmin. I've used older Garmins and really like their Bluecharts. How does the new built in charting stack up? Also, you mentioned radar. What about using your 3206 with one Garmin's radar units?



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                Different companys shine in different things. I really like Garmins gps-plotter & there Blue chart is hard to beat plus the XM weather option. There sounder & radar lacks a little. Furuno is very strong with there radar & sounder plus very reliable. There gps-plotter lacks a little. I don't want to step on anyones toes this is my opinion but on other forums Raymarine seems to have a lot of problems with reliability. Plus this set up gives me backup everything except the radar. Charlie
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                2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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                  Thanks Again

                  Appreciate the advice. Now that you mention it, I have had good experiences with Furuno sounders and radar. I guess that the best thing to do is mix and match.