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  • 28cc to hawaii

    Well finally got her here on 12/24. She made it cross country and from seattle to hawaii. Ran into a large open ocean storm on the barge, tore off the shrink wrap. Arrived looking like she had been burried in dirt and salt for a year, some cosmetic stuff, nothing structural but compared to what she looked like in NC made me want to vommit. After cleaning her several times and placing her in her home at the club she is recovering. Have spent 40-50 hours cleaning and reassembling and installing all sorts of stuff. She looks much better now, need some gel coat to patch the bow. Ran through 4-6 foot slop like nothing at 20 knots, didnt even touch the throttle. Had her at 3300 RPm doing 28knots burning 12 gallons an hour(per engine I think). I love this boat and will continue to get her ready to go the distance here in hawaii. Will keep you all updated. With these EVC lcd screens the book says it reports gallons per hour for both engines but that must not be the case. Those 260 common rails must burn 12 GPH each at 3300 RPM's Right?
    Code Blue

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    Code Blue,

    Congratulations on our new 28' - hopefully the next time I come out to Hawaii from NJ I we can look you up and you can lead us to the fish!!
    Capt. B

    Now a 2014 28' Regulator
    Wall, NJ