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If money were no object?

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  • If money were no object?

    My name is John. I boat out of Staten Island, NY. The blue fishing, striper fishing capitol of the world! (In my eyes).

    One really big mako got me to sell the bay boat and look for bigger.

    I finally sold my last boat and now moving on to the DREAM. I want a new 28 CC hard top version diesel boat.

    If money were no object, what motors would you put in this boat?


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    I would put in a generator and ask Mac what the largest Cummins common rail engines he could fit in would be - and proceed with them. I would stay away from the Volvo's - just because of their parts availability and cost and stay with the Cummins.
    Capt. B

    Now a 2014 28' Regulator
    Wall, NJ


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      In general, I hear people complain the least about Yanmar. Are they a good fit in a 28CC, I don't know? You did say money is no object, however, for the most economical power combined with good availablity of parts, then I agree, Cummins is the way to go. I would avoid the 4 cyl cummins option, way underpowered, this boat loves 300 hp.
      2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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        John I live in S.I. and dock at Atlantis, I have an 04 28 with volvo 300 diesels.I made numerous trips to the canyons,Halvestraw,and trolled the Raritan Reach.I have zero complaints about the performance of this boat, I cruise 27-28 kts 20gph, 5gph trolling at 7kts, there's nothing more that I can say other then its an awsome boat.As far as volvo goes, I heard all the hype about them but these engines so far purrrrrrr! I did have All Island Volvo come down once to raise my idle a bit, and seeing there really isn't to many Volvo service reps in our area it can be a little slow, but the work did get done. If you want to contact me p.m. me with your number
        2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS