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  • Shopping for 35

    Hello All ... Shopping around for a 35-40 express boat and the CC is certainly one of my choices. Looking also at a 36 Jersey Cape and I am going to sea trial a 35 Henriques. I am coming out of a larger convertable and decided to get back into an express. I am a previous Albemarle owner (305) and I would like to also take a look at the new 36 albe when it becomes available. Seems like the CC is certainly built tough as nails but one of my concerns is that I have heard of sea water making it in to the engine room via the side vents on the 35. ??? Just wondering if any of you 35 owners out there had that problem and/or what was the fix. Possibly the heavier CAT motors created this problem? I don't know. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Welcome aboard and hope to see you soon as a new CC owner.

    I am surprised to hear about any water injestion issues through the air intakes as they are mounted above the shearline on all of Mac's boats.

    I do know that there was a water injestion issue with some of the gas powered 25's & 28's. This issue had something to do with the location of the motor (below the waterline) and water injestion throught the exhaust, not the air intakes.

    Perhaps there is some confusion of the two.

    One way to verify would be to post your question in the "ask Mac" section or give him a call directly. You will be impressed by this man.

    Good luck,

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32