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1198 CC28 KAMD42's -> D4-260's

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  • 1198 CC28 KAMD42's -> D4-260's


    Larry Backman; I fish out of Falmouth, Mass on the south side of the Cape. I have a 98 CC that's taken a licking and shows not a single structural flaw after 2100 hard hours.

    I'm reengining down at Layton Custom Boatworks; going from KAMD 42's to D4-260's. I expect to move my loaded cruise from 22-23 knots to 25-26 knots and unloaded high cruise to 28 knots which is fast enough for me while providing a good measure of fuel economy.

    The toughness of this hull and the seaworthyness of this boat cannot be overstated. I don't choose to go out in gnarly stuff; but when I've been caught in honest 6' seas she'll trim down with tabs and slug through anything at 18 knots.

    My offshore day trip run is typically 50-75 miles out and back; an overnight canyon run is 90-100 miles out, overnight on the boat and back the next AM.

    I carry a 33 gallon bladder on the overnights and typically burn between 180 and 210 gallons on one of those trips

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    Good luck on repower. Please keep us informed!
    Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300