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fuel burn and prop selection

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  • fuel burn and prop selection

    I own a 2000 25 with volvo duoprops. I bought it used and it has the aluminum props on it. I have been told stainless will give me better performance. What do you all think?
    Also what kind of fuel burn should I be using? I dont have a fuel flow meter. Hard to plan long trips without knowing.
    Thanks in advance.

    Great Lakes

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    Stainless will give you more "bite" and you are in fresh water so corrossion due to electrolysis will be less likely, but aluminum is more forgiving as I understand in terms of strain on the drive. (because of the weight I assume.)For a more educated answer call Mac or Keith and they will be happy to assist.
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      My Fuel Burn


      I'm a new owner of a used 25 but I have the same setup as you, a 7.4L gas duoprop with aluminum wheels.

      I've been out all day twice in the last month, a 13 hour trip and a 12 hour trip. I burned 98 and 89 gal, respectively. Each trip is about 40 miles each way out and back, and then trolling from 1400-2000 RPM for about 5-6 hours.

      I used to run a 24 Albie with a 5.0L and it burned between 60-70 gal for the same trip. So I'd say that the CC25 does pretty well considering it is almost 3000# heavier.

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        My 25 burns 18 GPH (per fuel flow guage) at 3000 rpm's 80 mile fishing trip will cost me some where around 100 gallons It cheaper to go to the fish market Although they don't like you drinking beer in there all day