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    I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new Carolina Classic Boat Owners Forum.

    We look foward to hearing about your Carolina Classic boating experiences and sharing information and "know how" about boating, fishing and the good life on the water.

    Thanks in advance for helping to make this a usefull sight for all.
    Life is to short for an ugly boat

    2015 Enclosed Helm 35

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    What a great idea. A big thank you to whoever devleoped this website. I own a 2002 28cc with twin Volvo Diesel KAMD-44 (260 hp. each) and a complete tower. The boat is kept in Southern New Jersy and I live for the nice days from July -October that I can run the 75 miles to the northeast canyons. Looking forward to discussing fishing, boat mechanics, and everything else between.

    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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      Noted your welcome note. I have same boat with marlin tower and cummins diesels. We are in CT and also run to block canyon a few times per year. Would be interested in comparing notes about engines, problems and fish.


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        Nice work on the site

        I wanted to commend all those who work hard on providing such a useful site. I think the winters would be unbearable for some without it. Also, are there any members near Georgia? I am on the Savannah Sport Fishing Club's blue water tournament committee and would love to extend an invite to those close (or far) to come and fish in May.
        2001 28\' 230 Volvo Diesels


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          Tom everything about CC and this forum are awesome and i was thinking about buying an albemarle what was i thinking


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            Thanks Tom. Great site. I first discovered it shortly after buying my 06 CC28 new from Dave Mueller and the good folks @ Anchor near Annapolis, but just recently took the time to get up to speed. I enjoy the fishing stories & mechanical tips. I mainly fish the mid-Chesapeake April-November. Targeting OC MD this July/August. This blizzard bites. Tight lines to all.


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              Thanks for the welcome. I see you're from NJ. We boat out of Brick. I bet that 32 is a beauty! That what I wanted to go up to, but hubby said no way, maybe after we retire! I just love "Life's too short for an ugly boat."



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                Hi all…. I have recently purchased a ‘94’ 25 classic and am looking forward to digging into it. I think all I have to do is replace the jackshaft bearing and go through the outdrive. Seems to be a great boat. Most of my current use is diving out of Oregon inlet.


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                  Thanks for the welcome this is a great site


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                    Hello All, New member, love the Carolina Classic boats. Ive done my research for awhile and hard to beat CC hull construction/design. Im located in the Cayman Islands so I think thats a first. Ill be following this forum and hope to meet some great people. Got my eyes on the 35. I have a 05 33 Dusky now. Great boat also but looking to upgrade to 35 CC in the future.


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                      Just took ownership of 1994 28 CC last Friday. She was updated at the factory in 2008 with 210 HP Volvo D4's with 584 hours. I haven't even had a chance to take her out yet as it was delivered to my slip and was too windy to get to know her
                      As I only have experience with twin outboards. I have stacks of manuals to read and try to assimilate electronic systems. Unfortunately there was no manual of the boat diagrams and schematics. Emailed Albemarle and they kindly emailed me the only CC manual they had. Very helpful! I have really enjoyed reading the forum pages and learning so much. Looking forward to learning much more from all of members expertise.


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                        THANK YOU
                        Great to know there is a support group out there for these great boats
                        I was looking for a profile/info link but didnt see one, please advise
                        Thanks Charlie Falkenstein
                        Somers Point NJ
                        b/Name: PLAYPEN


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                          At the extreme upper right, on the border, next to settings. You might need to scroll up to find it.

                          And welcome to the community.
                          CC25 - Hull #60, 1995
                          Volvo 8.1Gi-A, 1.78 DP-D1, C5
                          Stainless Marine Exhaust, heated manifolds
                          4.3" Carbon Fiber Jackshaft
                          Dual Intermediate Jackshaft housings