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  • New owner of a 25

    I just had my 1997, 25' delivered and can't wait to get her in the water. She just had a new 454 installed and only has about 1 hour on the engine. Outdrive is the bravo 3 with about 250 hrs.
    The sea trial went good and I'm very happy with the way she ran except for one thing. At around 3000 rpm there is a vibration that smooths out about 3600 rpm. I understand that the drive shaft needs to be balanced. I have some instructions on how to fix but they are not very clear, any thoughts.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome aboard. Congrats on the new boat. Try a search on jackshaft balance here. There were instructions posted a while back.
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      There are several things to know about the jackshaft that Have learned since adcquiring a 25 with the jackshaft. First is the shaft very rusty? If it was or is heavily cleaning of it may unbalance it. Your vibration probably starts more around 2500 rpm and as you say smooths out at the higher rpm.

      I have attached the balancing procedure which is actually pretty easy if your shaft is fairly straight. Drive shaft shops have the curved weights or you can use a washer and bend it to match the shaft. the weight can be welded or attached with epoxy. I experienced poor results with the expoxy as the shaft wasn't cleaned well enough down to the metal "Also make sure to let it harden good. The best thing to do if glueing it sto wrap some strapping tape (fiberglass threaded type) around the weight until you are sure it''s hard. I threw several off thinking it was fully hardened. It takes a number of trial and error attempts to get the balance just right

      If you find thet you can't balance it there is the possibility that someone has stepped on it and it is slightly out of round. Most drive shafrt shops cannot balance it due to the CV joints on the end. They don''t have a way to bolt it to their balancing rig.

      I recently had a new tube welded to my CV joints as mine couldn;t be balanced properly. The shop that made them for CC is in Elizabeth City, NC. They charged me around $700 for the repair. A new complete shaft I believe runs around $1600.

      If you need more info send me a pvt. msg with your phone number and I'll call you.. I'm not a expert on them but gained a lot of experience trying to balance mine until I figured out it couldn't be balanced as it was which was comfirmed when I took it up to Elizabeth city.

      The new shaft straightning produre is interesting. They check the shaft at several points and heat it at a high point. When it cools it is a little lower. They continue this process untill the shaft is straight. The shaft metal is much thicker than a auto drive shaftr. I believe it's .188" thick. Bill at the shop told me that the first shaft they made for CC didn't need any weight as it was well balanced when made.

      One other item it's possible to loose your balance if the shaft is removed and reinstalled. The slight repositioning or it even though the same relationship of the bolt holes is used it may be very slightly off. Keith at CC Clasic told me that you can find the high point at the coupling and loosen the bolts and tap it down a little. A dial indicator can be used on a smoth non rusty shaft.
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        Congratulations on the new boat. Where are you boating?


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          I fish the chesapeake bay around North beach. I want to start some offshore fishing in close this year to learn. Need to learn alot about offshore.
          thanks for all the post.


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            Welcome. You will love your cc. I'll see you in a couple of months.
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              Welcome and enjoy your new boat.

              If you want to try the offshore thing, we're in OCMD all summer and would be willing to have you along if you like..
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