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2000 CC35 w/Cummins 450

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  • 2000 CC35 w/Cummins 450

    Hello all!

    We are new to CC's; we are considering buying a pre-owned 35 CC with the Cummins 450 engines. I did some reading of the forum's and found some info, but would really like some owner feedback on the boat. We are struggling to find any performance info (speed/fuel burn). Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Check those engines!

    You may want to check on those 450 Cummins. I had a neighbor with those engines and he had a substantial amount of trouble with the injectors in the 450's. I think similar to the problems seen in the 250's. A year or two later Cummins went to the 480 and discontinued the 450.

    If I were you, I would make sure you find out the whole story on the 450; otherwise, you may spend more of your time fixing your new 35 than fishing in it.


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      Early 450s had four hole injectors (nozzle tips) and they then went to a five hole pattern for a better spray pattern -- less smoke. Solid base motor . . . . When the 480 came out, which was a hybrid motor - electronic control on the fuel pump - the 450s were phased out. Now with full electronic engines the 480s were phase out . . .

      Injector issues were not similar to the issues with early 4B250s . . . No tips falling off into the cylinder, etc.

      You can search under my user name and find a few posts that detailed the performance of the CC35 with various power options. Feel free to email/bmail me or call (757.962.8710). . . We have a line on a 35 with 450s and a 35 with 480s . . .