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    I am a proud owner of a 2001, 28 w/Cummings 4bt's. I have heard other boat owners talking about these engines, talking them down. My boat had issues as well, in regards to the engines and speed. Full rpm was 2800 at 23 knots. Being a new owner I could not understand what was happening with this boat.
    First I gave a Mac a call at the factory and discussed many possibilites as to where the problems lied. These were his recommendations to check-

    1st - props were to be 1721's with a #5 cup.
    2nd- the condition of the bottom is very important. Mac recommended I sand the bottom with 100 grit, clean well and put a fresh coat of bottom paint on with a foam roller.
    #3 - Make sure I was getting full throw on the injector pump throttles. I currantly have 1000 hrs on the original cables, which are now 5 yrs. old. There was play in the cables as well. They have been replaced.
    #4 - Most important on the 4bt's are the injectors. I noticed I had a slight slick coming from both my engines, at idle. I gave Cummings Metro a call and spoke to Paul McAllister. He told me the injectors on these engines have a lifetime guarantee. Thus recommending the injectors should be changed every 250 hrs. The one and only problem these injectors have are, when the engines are overloaded and not getting full rpm the injector tips get hot. Causing the tips to melt. Which leads to not a good spray into the cylinders. Wide open rpm 3100 is recommended by Cummings., 250 rpm off the pins is recommended high cruise. Which will give you a speed fo 29 kts. with full fuel and 3 passengers on board.
    I have had all these problems and have taken care of them one by one.
    At this time my boat low cruise 2600 at 26 kts. 2800 at 28 kts. and 3100 I am doing 30.8 kts.
    The wide open rpm's will vary 50 rpm's with the enviroment temp. air and water.
    She is an extremely economical boat with all the speed you need. In my opinion the boat is not underpowered as others say.
    You see it's all about getting the variables correct. Easy process. Attack them one at a time.
    Hope this helps anyone with the same problems I have been reading about the last 5 months.
    Love this boat. Everything I need it to be in an off-shore boat. Not only does it have a great ride it has the speed, room and all the emenities. And it does raise fish trolling!
    Feel free to e-mail me anytime and cell number 609-954-9769.

    Yours Truly,
    Captain Ernie
    28 CC
    Cummings 4bt's
    Captain Ernie
    28 CC
    Cummins 4 bt's
    Forked River Barneget Inlet, NJ

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    Welcome aboard Captain Ernie....