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Hallo from Italy

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  • Hallo from Italy

    Good morning to everyone
    I'm posting from Italy
    First of all sorry form my terrible langauge, I hope you will be able to understand my messages
    Im very keen on fishing and I have notioced Carolina Classic boats on internet.
    In Italy are imported only since 2005 so is very difficult to have a real opinion on the boats, because people doesnt know the brand
    I hope to buy a new 28", but costs, charges and many other difficulties make the price in Italy very very expencive
    Anyway, I will follow this forum with attention, just to learn something new from carolina owner, hoping to join your club soon.
    best regards
    ciao a tutti

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    Benvenuto. Troverete questo è un gruppo amichevole e utile.

    I do not know what the taxes would be but with the very weak dollar, you may be able to buy a slightly used 2006 or 2007 boat in the eastern U.S.A. and ship it to Italy and pay much less than for a new one in Italy.

    Our fishing is much better than the Mediteranean sea!


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      It's nice to have members from the other side of the world. We have one other member that I know about( il monello) from Italy. I think he has a 25. Maybe he lives close to you.

      Good luck in your search. They are great boats.
      Life is to short for an ugly boat

      2015 Enclosed Helm 35


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        Thanks to everybody

        Thanks to Bluefin 32 and to Split Decision
        Perhaps when my sons will be adults I'll find a place on florida coasts and I will reach you to live there.
        I need sun, a boat and fishes. That's all.

        Ciao ragazzi


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          Ciao Romildo..
          sono stato il primo Italia, a possedere un Carolina Classic 25 prima dell'importatore.
          La posiiedo ancora oggi ed è una barca bellissima.
          Sono in provincia di Bari e tu da dove scrivi?
          Se hai bisogno di qualsiasi informazione qui troverai tutte le tue risposte ci sono persone di grande non esitare a contattarmi.
          Il Monello


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            Welcome from across the Ocean.

            I understand Carolina Classic is becomming very popular in Italy..

            You cannot go wrong with these boats and the support group.

            Good Luck in your search...
            28 Carolina Classic
            OCFC, MD.