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Stainless Volvo duo props

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  • Stainless Volvo duo props

    I'm considering swapping out my aluminium props for stainless. Can any of you guys who have done this advise of any benefits in performance or economy?
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    I would call the factory and advise of your setup. I spoke to Keith and he suggested the C4s.

    Had not had enough trips on B5s to compare fuel economy. I purchased her in June 07. Just new from past experience with Duo props that I liked the performence with my other boat / speed / and mainly the fish raisin. As well, bringing her North to OC, Md. from Beaufort NC we hit a small 2x4 chunk that broke an 1/2" off a blade and bent the smaller blade on the B5s. They are to soft.

    Keith strongly advised to keep an eye on the stern / outdrive mount bolts, as Volvo's method of securing them to transom utilized galv bolts and were subject to corrosion. Suggested periodic grasping of stud and applying pressure to see if secure, not attempting to tighten nuts.

    Planning this off season to replace bolts / studs inkind, coating with "Extend" paint?

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