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  • Newbie, bout to pull the trigger

    Hello all,
    I'm looking at a 2000 28' CC loaded, running Cummins 250-4B's with 1000 hrs.
    She is out of Falmouth, MA by the name of "Alure". I'm going to take her out for a ride on Thursday. Oct. 11.
    Anyone have any input on what to look for and what is the word on these motors? I have only spoken to the owner briefly and he knows what he's talking about and seems very honorable.
    I can't wait to be an owner of one of these sleds. My Wife picked it out at the Boston Show over all those plush boats, she chose the CC! I love her.

    Please help me, I'm hooked! And I know nothing!
    Ethan D.
    "Fissues 2"
    Volvo D6-330's
    Marblehead, MA

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    Pulling the trigger

    Before you pull the trigger, you might be better off to search this site and read all of the posts on the 250 cummins. Many owners have posted issues about that setup, I'd suggest you read the posts and make your decision from there.


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      Acquire the services of an expereinced surveyor. They seem to pick things out that in all the excitement, an anxious buyer may overlook. I recently (June) shopped many CC's with the cummins package, most alllll were very dirty and poorly maintained.

      I opted for the Volvo's, after many years of great performence in another style boat.


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        Good luck with your decision.

        I have an 01 28 with the 250's. Sure they might have there issues but they all do in some way. The only main issue with these engines is the injectors, and some have vibration issues. Make sure you can find out how long ago the injectors were changed (serviced) and if they are the latest from cummins. There are many of us on here that have or had this combo, and there are mixed reviews. I myself have no problems with them. I would not hesitate to buy another 28 with these engines. They are a little underpowered, but not a hugh problem if you know how to run her. Changing to Acme props helped a lot. I maintain mine meticulously, and am anal when it come to servicing them, I do 95% of all the servicing to them myslef. If you are not mechanically inclined or a little scared of diesels, make sure you look into an engine package that will have the easiest servicing available. Basically if you want this boat make sure there is a cummins available close. In a nutshell,
        Easy to maintain, (not that complicated)
        Easy to crawl around for servicing
        Good fuel burn
        Cummins have good customer service
        Parts tend to be cheaper than volvo or yanmar.

        Injectors failing
        A little underpowered
        If you know how to deal with these issues they are fine.

        One other thing, One reason the injectors have problems in these boats is that they tend to be pushed to hard. These engines must be able to turn at least 3000 rpms WOT. I sea trialed one that only turned 2800 Wot, and the owner always ran the boat at 2600 rpms cruise. That is too close to the edge. Running any diesel this way will lead to an early failure. Not that it is a direct link but his boat went threw more injectors than some that were propped correctly.
        I can keep going but this is getting too long. Check out
        If you need anymore help let me know.

        Hope I helped

        01 28


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          There are quite a few available out there right now.

          Mine has the 6BTA 220's. We have had no real issues with these. There are a very solid motor..

          It's listed under the Buy/Sell section on this site and on yacht world.

          Good Luck in your search.
          28 Carolina Classic
          OCFC, MD.


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            I have a CC28 with 4BT250s 1999 model. We had to have all injectors and both pumps replaced which was done by cummins at no charge. They had problems and MAC made sure cummins corrected the problem. This work was done in 2001, have not had a engine problem since, log about 250 hrs per year since. Must keep up on routine maintenance as with any motor. My boat cruises at 23kts @ 2500rpm fully loaded, off shore trip, 5-6 guys, 300 lbs ice, gear, bait and tackle. We average about 1mpg to 1.1mpg on this type trip. When we put the boat in around April 15th we get 3000rpm and in november when we pull her out we get about 2875-2900rpm max due to bottom growth and slime. We need to run with some trim tabs almost all the time. If I were to do it over again I would opt for more HP, I feel the boat is slightly underpowered, but acceptable. Check the maintenance hsitory on the boat you are looking at and consult with a cummins mechanic, well worth the money for piece of mind. Good Luck!!!
            WELL DONE - Henry
            2006 CC 28
            Home Port - Cape May, NJ


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              Thanks everybody for the help

              We bought "Classea Lady" a 2002 CC 28. She's in showroom condition thanks to the fine maintenance of Axiom2000 a fellow member ( Thanks Jerry).We are very pleased to say the least.
              Thanks all, Ethan
              Ethan D.
              "Fissues 2"
              Volvo D6-330's
              Marblehead, MA


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                Congratulations. I know you are a Proud new owner!
                Good luck!!!!
                Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300